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You guyz and girlz should have been in Burlington Vermont this last weekend. We had a Fall Foliage SVX meet. 24 plus SVX's from all over the East coast. I personally drove over 500 miles for the trip. I was one of many who got speeding tickets. I suppose it was only a matter of time before I got one. It is so easy to speed when you have ultra quiet tires(Yokohama AVS db Decibels) and an engine that only turns 3000RPMs at 90MPH. Had alot of fun!!!!!!!!

For the slush box comments........ If any of you take a lil' bit of time to read the reviews on the SVX tranny you will find such comments as....."Like all the best "intelligent" systems, the transmission is transparent in operation. It requires only a few experiments w/ aggressive driving to relize that the shifter may indeed be smarter than the driver in selecting the right gear." ***Car And Driver/Sept. 1991*** I've never heard a SVX owner make comments about how the Impreza only comes with 4 banger so why do you peeps continually knock our auto when most of you have never even driven one?!?!?!?!? I'm not trying to be disrespectful but you should back off on the slushbox comments if you don't know what your going up against. To be completely honest I am far from impressed with the 5-speed that is in the Impreza. My auto does a much better job!!!

Driving it fast. Driving it safley,

P.S. Like I said ..... Not trying to be disrespectful but the "slushbox" remarks get a lil' old after a while!!!

P.P.S. If it was close to Raly Blue it was a Laguna Blue SVX One of my favorite colors for our cars.

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