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kikoba asks, ""When I'm driving up the PCH (for those not familiar, it's a beautiful, twisty road... a Miata's dream... that takes you up and down CA's coast)... will the WRX blow the XT out of the water in the fun factor dept.? Or is it a close race? (I'm not talking about a race between the two... just the joy of driving sensation)"

I'd say that depends completely on what driving attributes you value most highly. If you value strong acceleration at nearly any engine speed and in nearly any gear (as I do), the XT will be far more enjoyable - just punch it and go! If you don't mind rowing the gear lever to keep the revs up, and place a large premium on ultimate cornering prowess, the WRX is your choice.

If you insist on both, get the STi...
(but be prepared to sacrifice most of the cargo capacity <read: daily versatility> you get with the WRX wagon and even moreso with the XT).

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