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oh damn, here we go again with the "hippie crap."

Neither Alcohol nor Marijuana are healthy for the human body. Alcohol destroys your liver, and can cause cancer. Marijuana destroys your brain, and causes memory loss. I'VE SEEN THEM BOTH IN ACTION. Don't try to pull some doctor study out your ass either, I've seen study's saying things we eat everyday cause cancer, only to be proven wrong by a REAL doctor.

Also, enough with this nautral product of the earth crap, EVERYTHING IS NATURAL. It all comes from the earth in one way or another. Saying a synth oil isn't "natural" is like calling a home cooked meal unnatural. They're both just a combination of ingredients to make a final product.

If you want to kill brain cells, or swell your liver, fine, I don't care. Just don't go preaching your crap on me.

Personally? I don't care if it's legal or not, people are gonna do it anyway, no matter what happens. You want me to name the positives I've seen from hi/drunk people? NONE, not ONE DAMN THING, nothing good EVER came from someone I know who was either drunk, or hi.
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