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August 25, 2014

Mileage: 22,222

What’s being installed: TurboSmart Kompact BPV

If you happen to read my last journal entry, you will know I had a small issue with my TurboSmart BPV. However, for anyone that missed it, I will go over what was wrong and how I sorted out the issue. The other night, I went to install the BPV and the inlet port that connects to the main hose was not positioned correctly. It was pointed more towards the passenger side of the car as opposed to the front of the car like the stock BPV. I was perplexed by this since I never came across any fitment issues when I was reading up on it. Determined it was a manufacture or assemblers issue, decided to post up in my journal to see if anyone had similar issues. Surprisingly, it seems like a few others ran into the same problem and told me the whole housing can actually move once you loosen the bottom circle nut. Tried to turn it by hand, but couldn’t get the right leverage. Figured I would bolt it to the TMIC first then turn it since I will have a bit more leverage and power with two hands. As soon as I did this, it turned and I was able to position the inlet right where it should be. Took the BPV back off and tightened down the circle nut with open needle nose pliers and bolted it down for good.

Now onto the review! The whole unit in itself is very well put together. Made of aluminum and overall felt like a nice solid piece if your hands. The only thing I wish they had was different color options. However, it’s not a big deal as it could be anodized if it bothered me that much. The box comes with a turbosmart sticker, small cd rom of the product/installation, and the BPV itself. It comes with a paper gasket, which is a little chinsey, but I guess it’s better than the stock gasket; none. After looking at the stock and turbosmart BPV side by side, you can immediately tell the differences and how much better the turbosmart is put together. It’s no wonder that the stock BPV has been known to leak when adding a little more boost. It’s made of plastic! The TurboSmart BPV is a fully recirculated, so it is exactly the same as stock, but made of a much better/stronger material.

Install is incredibly simple and will take all of 10-15 minutes taking your time. Simple as pulling off a couple hoses and a couple bolts. It was a fun little install that I rather enjoyed doing as it is incredibly accessible and very easy to install.

The reason as to why I wanted one is because I didn’t want to be under boosting when I go stage 2. I even have noticed on stage 1 that the boost can fluctuate every so often. Having a nice solid by pass valve will definitely help keep the boost consistent. Having this will just assure me that the right amount of boost will be at my disposal every time.

After logging quite a few miles on it, I can’t help but recommend one to everyone. The boost is rock solid every time and the noise. Oh my word, the noise. It has a lovely woosh sound when you release the accelerator. Under WOT, it has an awesome woosh/release/sputter sound. It sounds lovely. With the combination of the BPV and Cobb intake, there are some awesome noises coming from under the hood. I am highly anticipating getting the downpipe on the car to hear the louder spool noise. The car is going to sound brilliant with everything happening.

Thank you once again to JCS Speed and to all my “subscriber’s” for the help. It is much appreciated! Got a little impatient on waiting for a downpipe, so I ended up coming across a used one for a great, great deal. Scooped it up tonight, so it should be here early next week. Stage 2 is coming soon!

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