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Alright, here are some pics of the two mounts I bought and installed.

First up is the cigarette lighter mount. it's short, cheap, easy to install and mounts in a good position. The main downside is that it's floppy and wiggly...the 12v power plug just isn't the most stable mount point. And what's nice is that it gives you a USB charging port so you don''t lose the primary use of that port. i'm not returning it; it's a clever solution though it won't be my primary mount. it is EXCELLENT as a temporary mount for people who aren't running the AP full time - once they have a stable tune.

Product: ARKON Lighter Socket Universal Car Mounting Pedestal with USB Charger for Dual T Pattern Compatible Devices--Replacement or Upgrade - Car Mounts - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories

Installed Pic:

Next up is the seat bolt floor mount. It works very well with ever so slight modification. It is VERY stable and can be oriented pretty much any way. It's a great product with flexible mounting options. The bracket i used can attch to the gooseneck in several different ways at different angles, and it also comes with a mounting plate if you were to want to drill into the body of the vehicle instead of use the seat mount bolt. Could be an inch taller but it's fine. Only blocks the last couple of inches or so of forward seat travel - way further than you'd ever move it with a human being in the front seat. I will be using this as my primary mount until i no longer need the AP mounted full-time. Once i get my CBE mounted and the car protuned, i probably won't need it much, so i may revert to the temporary mount as needed (the one above).

Product: ARKON Replacement Upgrade or Additional Metal Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Mounting Pedestal with 18-Inch Flexible Gooseneck(GN088-SBH): Computers & Accessories

Installed Pics:

Now - as for modification and install details...the main thing is that the bolt for the seat rail is surrounded by raised metal, especially on the left side near the transmission tunnel. You CAN install this w/o any modification but i wanted it to be turned as far as possible, so i cut a piece out of the mounting bracket so the left side of it could clear that raised metal.

Picture of the piece i cut out with a hacksaw:

Detail of bolt/installation area. You can see really well where the cutout on the bracket helps keep it rotated toward the trans tunnel. I used the right holes because if you use the left holes, the mount cants straight forward. i wanted it angled toward the trans tunnel so i had to mount to the right holes and make the cutout. hope that makes sense:

And finally, detail of what actually stops the seat as you max out its forward movement with the mount installed. I admit that it is possible that the seat MAY move forward more if you use the other holes because the mount may clear the seat slide release...but if you do that the gooseneck isnt as close to the trans tunnel because you can't angle the bracket toward the tunnel like i did in the pic above. If you want to use the other holes, you can't hacksaw the bottom hole out like i did.

Hope that helps! BTW you can see that the accessory rubber/all weather mats have no fitment issues...i bet weathertech mats would though b/c they cover a lot more.

EDIT: Slight Revision. Major improvement. It was bugging me the way the seat adjustment bar was hitting the mount and i did want the gooseneck part of the mount to kind of sit closer to (flush with) the trans tunnel for a cleaner install. Well - remembered seeing a hole in the middle of that mounting bracket and sure enough it lets you attach the gooseneck section to the bracket at an angle. Amazingly, the net result is a perfectly vertical mount that clears the seat! So happy with this...much improved. The seat can now move almost all the way forward and the gooseneck runs right alongside the trans tunnel.

See how the top screw isn't in the same spot? It's in the middle now:

So the result is this overall look - much better - and vertical:

And look at how the seat clears now - it now reaches the second to last detent:

Fantastic. The gooseneck can now follow the contour of the trans tunnel, making for a cleaner look and allowing the seat to travel fully forward. EXCELLENT result.
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