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Originally Posted by dsn112 View Post
Beans response to my email:Hi David,

The forums have their uses. They can be great for personal experience and setting people in the right direction or they can spread misinformation like wild fire. People in the forums are real quick to grab their pitch forks and torches. There is also tons of biases involved as well.

As far as the Extra-S. The bulletin stats this is an alternative to the 5 gallon drum of extra S. Not an alternative to extra S. Subaru decided to use the quart size since it was being resold so much. Very few dealerships were willing to pump the bottles out. So they were losing sales.
Furthermore I doubt Subaru is going to go through the trouble of acquiring another trans fluid to put in their vehicles. The dealerships alone would have a fit with this. They would have to stock multiple trans fluids and try and decide which one now goes in what year and model. If anything it would be an upgrade from the previous fluid, similar to what they did with the LSD fluid. This is the same fluid they have used previously and still continue to use.
They make it the easiest of all the manufactures. Open gear/open differential use Extra S. LSD differential use LSD fluid. Automatic Use ATF. Thatís 3 fluids for the whole car line. Oops I forgot they have a CVT transmission now too.

He emailed me right back saying I made him second guess himself and he called Subaru to confirm that it was actually extra s in the bottles. I'm good with it. Shifts feel smooth too.

Wow, I was surprised to see my email on here.

Well I see the thread died out, but I noticed on the last page another member posted another gear oil. We found the 75-80w soon after I replied with the previous email. This would be for the trans in the new EJ20F. I'm not much of an engineer but I would say it would have to do with economics and mpg.

In summary now I think they are up to 4 trans oils. Extra S 75-90W, CVT, ATF, 75-80W.
Extra S is the same as the High Performance Gear Oil.
Not all dealerships use it, but that is their prerogative.

tl:dr 4 trans oils now; High Performance is Extra-S. No change what so ever.

Cheers FBP (Todd)
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