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Jon is the best...

2 Definable analog outputs
How/in what manner are the analog outputs definable, and over what range?

The TEC3 is only able to recieve a 0-1volt lean to rich o2 signal. I can define the axis values of the EGO sensor response curve, but it must be lean to rich.

Does one of the analog outputs come pre-programmed with a standard narrowband o2 sensor response curve? As in, could one input the signal to an oem ecu? Is it just a dummy lean->rich->lean->rich signal, or is it actually respresentative of lambda?

Can Klaus' digital AFR meter give me the analog output I need? Can Klaus gaurantee the analog signal accuracy, and how precise can he gaurantee it to be?

Is the software a windows based environment?

Like Jon, I'm curious how he can claim better accuracy than the sensors themselves provide... but I'll just accept that as hype.

How long is the cable between the meter and sensor? Is it acceptable to legthen the cable, and what is the max length Klaus would recommend (taking into account I^2 R losses of the cable?

What is the power draw of the meter/sensor?

I agree the display could use some growth hormone therapy... I like the display on my Lambdaboy.
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