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Default What Cars Came With A Rear LSD?

Since the FAQ was getting huge with my single question posts, I figured I would do a different format and create a new thread. I'm poking around in the FSM's, and while they give a LOT of information, there are a few holes as to which models actually had the LSD. Please feel free to correct me if I have made an error.

Unless specified, the LSD uses male axles and is a viscous coupling unit.

2000-2001 2.5RS 5MT, 4.111
2000-2001 2.5RS 4EAT, 4.444
2002+ WRX 5MT, 3.545,
2002+ WRX 4EAT, 4.111
2004 WRX STi 6MT, 3.900, mechanical

1992-1997 AWD 4EAT, 3.545 final drive, has axle stubs

1991-1992 Turbo 5MT (Sedan only?), 3.900 final drive, has axle stubs
2000 GT, GT-LTD, Outback-CW, Outback-LTD, Outback-SDN (excluding Outback, Brighton, and L)
2001+ 2.5L (Excluding Brighton and L) 5MT, 4.111
2001+ 2.5L (Excluding Brighton and L) 4EAT, 4.444
2002+ 3.0L (H6) Outback and Outback-SDN 5MT, 4.111
2003+ Baja, see Legacy specifications

2000-2002 Forester S 5MT, 4.111
2000-2002 Forester S 4EAT, 4.444
2003+ with Disc Brakes 5MT, 4.111
2003+ with Disc Brakes 4EAT, 4.444
2004 XT Turbo 5MT and 4EAT, 4.444

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