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Hi guys,

Just thought I would put in my opinion and correction to some of the things you guys said.

I happened to own a R34 GTR imported by Motorex, the following are only my personal opinion, I am a car enthusist just like all of you. I said that because I am tired of all the stereo type people have just because I paid a lot for my car. Honestly I love all good sports car.

First of all, I love the STi. I am in the process of finding a dealer near me to purchase a STi at a decent price. I am jealous of you guys on the East coast where you can buy the STi below MSRP.

johnfelstead...........that G meter does not come stock with the GTR from Nissan Japan. It is an upgrade from Nismo. Some of the R34 GTR from Nissan UK come with it from the dealer because the dealer put in the Nismo module.

The R34 GTR do come stock with a front torque meter, essentially the same as a DCCD display you guys are discussing about. It is a very nice display readout, but after all it is just a toy/gadget. G-shock sums it up very nicely, during normal straight line driving where you can actually take your eyes off the road to look at it, it is nothing exciting to look at, the front wheel just get a little bit of power during hard acceleration, big deal right And when it is actually fun to see what the 4WD system is doing automatically, it is in situration where either you are going full bore thru some mountain road in some remote canyon road at 100+mph, or drifting thru a corner where you have your hand full trying to drive the car while enjoying it. Simply put, you will NEVER look at the readout display. There are quite a few parameters my GTR display on the LCD screen, the only thing I look at now during normal driving is the oil temp., water temp. and boost pressure. All the other display are just cool to show people that haven't seen it before. The display on the GTR do in fact have a 30 seconds data logging function, the bad thing is it doesn't record. So you have to look at the graph before the 30 seconds is over, guess what, after you pitch the car sideway/power slide the car thru a corner.......and wait until the car is calm down enough to look at the display, the 30 seconds is over
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