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Let your dealer know IF you are experiencing detonation (NOT ALL CARS EXHIBIT IT!), and they will help you resolve the issue after testing and verification. If they aren't already up to speed on the issue, have them contact their regional rep for more information.
This is great news. But how is everyone to even know that they have detonation in their STi? What about those owners that have never owned a turbo vehicle or owned a car with det or visit the internet? I personally have been trying to figure out if I have had det since Glenns first "Fess up about STi det problems!!" post. I had not heard anything like it in my car at the time I had listened to the <12 gear steep hill.wav> file from that thread. It wasn't until a few days later on a 100 degree day here in Colorado on 91 (all that is available with out driving 30+ miles) that I heard the pinging, it was only audible because I knew what to listen for and had the radio off. Could it have been due to bad gas and the heat, who knows, but it happened today again for the second time. The first time I took it in to the dealer but it was not reproducible. Just didn't have time today.

I think SOA would want to check out each car first hand, otherwise they will might be replacing the engines of those ignorant to the fact later on down the road. Why wouldn't this be a recall?

I know it will all get worked out and I have owned a Subaru now for about five years since the first 98RS came out here in the states. So I am not too worried. I just wish there was a better solution than me dropping the STi off for several days. I have been happy with the STi since day one, worried a bit with all the det talk, but then again I think my det is minor in comparison to some.
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