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Originally posted by Porter

I'm simply amazed that Subaru is offering a flash update at all. We should be down on our knees thanking them profusely, not bitching about the wait or the way things are being handled.
Do you work for Subaru? The way you defend them, it seems like it. Sorry, but I'm not amazed in the slightest. SOA isn't stupid, they've obviously had hundreds of complaints. It's in their best interest to scramble like never before in order to resolve the issue and minimize the potential damage that could result if word gets out to the media/public that these cars have a problem. No, I am not amazed a company wants to avoid catastrophe or at least serious financial harm.

Originally posted by Porter

Remember, in order to offer such an update, that update has to be tested and approved through the NHTSA and the EPA before it can be released. Any change to the emissions control on a vehicle has to be completely retested by the government and get its rubber stamp before it can be released to the public. The legal ramifications of such a change are mindboggling in their scope. It's absolutely incredible that Subaru has been able to respond to this issue as rapidly as they have done.

Nope, my mind isn't boggled one bit. After realizing (...maybe 4-6 weeks ago?) that there was indeed a real problem, SOA probably started to scramble then. It probably took them 2-30 hours to design a remap of the ECM. The rest of this time was probably spent with NHTSA and EPA, approving the remap.

The only time a big business company will scramble harder is if there is a safety issue. But either way, it's all about money...and nothing that we should be down on our knees thanking them for. They have their own best interest in mind.

And like Ford had to in case of the Cobra ('00 or '01 model year?), when the car only made about 305 hp instead of the advertised 320 - they had to do a recall to provide a bunch of new parts...throttle body, chip...someone help me here, what else? Anyway, I'm willing to bet that the remap doesn't affect power, otherwise, they'll have to do the same as Ford. Myself, I bought the car specifically because it has all of 300 hp.
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