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Exclamation Honda Envy

I have spent my day here looking at your wonderful bulletin board. It is devoid of the things that plague other boards. But one thing I have noticed.

A lot of members here seem to have a condition called "Honda Envy". You all spend so much time comparing your cars to honda, you all must be huge honda fans. Face it, Subarus are not sports cars(here in the U.S. at least). Only one of them is a sporty car. Hondas in the US are not sports cars(save the ITR which gives such driving pleasure, that anyone who calls it anything else need only drive one). Quite a few of them are sporty cars. Civic Si's, Integra GS-R's and Preludes are all cars that will smoke any Subaru stock to stock. You all think your cars handle great. Wrong, they just have a lot of grip. Want to see an AWD car that handles? Get in a 1.8t A4. This car handles great, and has a smooth ride.

By the way, what was subaru thinking when they put the ej25 in the RS? What an engineering disappointment. 2.5 liters, 165 HP? And what the **** is up with the knocking on cold starts? ****, there is even a section in the manual devoted to it. No honda this side of 1980 has any such problem or warning. Face it. The RS sucks. I used to be a fan, until I rode/drove in them a few times.

American market Subarus are great cars for going camping and offroading to the campsite, but a sports car they are not.

I am sure this message will be followed up with numerous references to the WRX and 22B. Look at it this way. Honda has a performance model of every car they make either here or in Japan. Subaru has only the Impreza.

Subaru has a long way to go before they are even considered sporty as a company.
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