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Oh lord, this again..

I drive a subaru cause they're quick, handle well, and with a minimum of add-ons, are definitely cars to be reckoned with.. So lets see -

0-60 times are easy to explain - with the V-tec engines, we have to shift before you do -we need to grab 3rd to get to 60.. Tell me this - when was the last time you could put you foot down at 70 (about 3k in my car) and walked away from everyone else? Until you get on cam, you're driving an econo engine - and what's cam, again? 6.5k?.. Gearing, my boy, gearing.. Remember, we're the fastest 0-30 cars in the class..

Hmm - I agree, I like the A4 - but I didn't wanna spend 26k for a car.. And I'll take my AWD in real world conditions over a FWD car anytime - including a Type R.. I can very easily get controllable 4 wheel drift and oversteer in my car - can you?

As to "Honda Envy" - I can't go 5 minutes without seeing an accord or a civic.. That would really make me feel distinctive.. Thanks, but I've seen 5 RS's in the 7 months I've owned the car.. Hondas are appliances, pure and simple.. Sheeple cars...

Enough time wasted on this - I'm glad you're happy with your honda - I'm certainly thrilled with my RS.. Troll somewhere else..

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