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OK, I'll respond to this one, so hopefully you can get an idea of where the club stands.

We don't envy low-torque, FWD cars. We do envy high-torque AWD cars (STis, EVOs, 22Bs, P1's, Skylines, what have you). We appreciate most other cars, but we don't envy them, as we are happy with the cars we have; we wouldn't have bought them if they weren't the best cars for us. That's not to say that we don't want to improve them.

As per your statement about the EJ25, you will be surprised at how many people hold onto their RSs when the EJ20 turbo model arrives in the US. Why? High torque. Keep in mind that 165hp is due to a low redline. If the EJ25 had a Integra-ish redline, it would produce around 200hp most likely. So, what does higher torque give you? Power off the line. The Impreza will take almost any car in the world off the line. How to remedy being overtaken later on? Add a turbo, and you have a beast with strong torque throughout the rpm range. Sure, the Impreza is probably not as fun a car to "play" with on the freeway as is a Honda, but that's not why we (hopefully not just I) bought the car we did.

So, all I can say to you is that whenever I step into my garage, a smile appears on my face. I love my car and wouldn't trade it for any Honda in the world. Maybe a Ferrari, or an EVO VI...

Oh, and go to almost any other country outside of North America and ask what type of company Subaru is considered. I'm glad it's still not considered a "sporty" company here in the US. Why? Because I'll be one of the ones to change that perception. I know I've already turned a few heads.

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