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Sorry, I have to add this. JaiMak, that is the craziest, stupidest thing I have ever heard!

and watch in horror as fellow scooby drivers fly off the track at 100mph- with no helmets, seatbelts or rules to speak of.
If that's true, someone ought to shut that track down. Any track that allows its rental without mandating helmets gives tracks a bad name and causes state legislatures to pass legislation such as has passed in a few states now. In several states, insurance companies absolutely deny coverage on tracks. Fortunately, as far as I know, all tracks in California ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE HELMETS AND SEATBELTS. That's the only thing that is keeping us ahead of the game - most insurance companies will cover non-wheel-to-wheel track events.

But more importantly, at the last CA track event, a scooby flipped. Without pointing fingers at anyone or commenting on anything whatsoever, I believe driver inexperience was a major contributing factor to that accident. Had the driver not had a helmet, he might be dead. In fact, even with his helmet, had his roof crushed another inch, he might have been dead now.

We do not drive race cars. We drive street cars that meet federal 5 mph crash standards. These cars are not designed to save your life in a 100+ mph accident. For that reason, ANY time you go to the track, your first concern MUST be safety. You will DIE if you act like a jerk or don't use appropriate safety equipment.

The Thunderhill event is a fully complying event. This is a school event. Check with your insurance first, but most insurance companies will cover your car at such an event. A helmet is ABSOLUTELY required - SA90 or better, I believe. Seatbelts are required. Thunderhill will absolutely throw you off the track and out of the park if you drive like a jerk at any time.

Given all that, personally, I would HATE to see SCC cover an event that did not take safety into consideration. Of course, given their story on how to make a car into a moving deathtrap to save a couple pounds, who knows what they'd cover, eh Shiv?

And BTW, you can still have a blast without being an @ss. My last event at T-hill, I was in a stock, rental Neon. My top speed on that track was over 100 mph. Driving safely does NOT mean driving slowly. Especially with such a small group of people, we'll have over 1000 feet per car on the track (assuming people don't clump, but of course we will, and that makes it fun, too). There will be plenty of room to take your car to your limits. Especially for beginners, with an instructor in your car, you will be able to explore those limits in a safe manner.

Anyway, now I'm ranting. I haven't found a more fun way to drive a car than to take it to the track. However, whenever I see someone not taking safety into serious consideration, it scares me. Quite frankly, I've pulled off into the hot pit lane to give space between me and someone who is driving beyond their abilities in an uncontrolled fasion. I report my reason for pulling off in hopes that the offending person gets removed. Most tracks will remove an individual for doing anything to compromise safety - which does not include driving fast as crazy but which does include driving crazy.

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