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Kevin and Chad, the ITC/AFC combo is approx the same price as an E-Manage. I'm running one on my RS-T and love it and I haven't even scratched the surface of its capablities yet. The E-Manage main unit alone is a basic AFC w/ knobs to control RPM dependant fuel enrichment/leaning. Add the software (windows based) and now you start getting some powerful tuning options in the form of add-on wiring harnesses. All maps are 16x16 resolution I'll list them below:

Air Flow Correction: MAF/MAP correction just like an S-AFC but with 256 data points! RPM-vs-TPS based map
Additional Injection: Direct control of injector duty cycle, +20% available correct not raw IDC. Can't go over 100% DC. RPM -vs-MAF/MAP voltage OR optional "boost sensor"
Sub-Injector Map: Allows control of 2 sub-injectors, can control pulsewidth or IDC!
Ignition Timing Control: +/- 20 deg timing adjustment. Doesn't set base timing, only alters OE timing. RPM vs MAF/MAP voltage OR optional "boost sensor"

Also has some trick features like "boost cut limiter" which is a voltage clamp for your MAF/MAP and the "anti-engine stall" feature which is like a voltage clamp for idle. Also allows automatic correction for injector upgrades (from experience, trying to correct 420cc injectors was too much for the stock ECU to handle, closed loop takes care of them fine). See, lots of features and not that expensive... especially if you can find one used like I did. PM me or search for E-Manage and my name for more info.
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