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Default Re: Non-audible pinging

Originally posted by wolverine
So, for those of you who think that their car does not ping, because you don't hear it, you may want to recheck, because the pinging may be small enough that it gets drowned out by the engine noise.

Ok... this is over the top. This qualifies as full blown hysteria.

When folks were talking about loud pinging for 2 to 4 seconds during a blast of WOT up a hill, I thought... ok... so it might be a minor problem.

Then people started complaining about a ping or two on WOT throttle between 4k and 4.2k rpm, I thought... people are being a bit oversensitive about this.

Now we have someone instilling fear over inaudible pinging!!! Give me a break, you guys have lost it. Straight jackets for everyone, please. Make mine extra tight.

We'll save the argument about just how much pre-ignition is good and how much you must have before you do any damage for another time. But let's be clear that the knock sensor and KnockLink do NOT really measure knock. The knock sensor is a small weight attached to a peizo element attached to the motor. It just makes electricity when it encounters vibration. The knock sensor simply measures vibration and there is a LOT of vibration in a high performance motor/car.

I don't know much about the KnockLink and I didn't find a technical description on their website (suspicious). If the KnockLink reports every signal as knock, it's making a lot of errors. If it has an algorithm for determining what is and what isn't knock, then it's making a lot of errors, too, because it's an ADD-ON and not tuned to the particular sensor or sensor location. I'm not saying that the tool doesn't have it's place, I'm just saying that I wouldn't take it's word on 'inaudible knock' and get all bent out of shape over it.

There are people posting on this board who are very capable of having academic discussions of subtle details around these issues and there are the hysterical ones and those out to make a buck or two from them.

Somebody please give that left strap on my straightjacket another tug. I can still wiggle a bit. Thanks!
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