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Originally posted by Patrick Olsen
Anyway, long story short, all that makes me wonder just how the S-AFC and ECU are interacting. I really wish I had more time to play with the dyno just to experiment, but at the time I didn't and now I'm out here in Hawaii with no AWD dyno to play on.

*Lean air/fuel ratio with intake* Patrick, don't forget the problems Sport Compact Car had with adding the JC Sports intake to their project 2.5RS. It ran incredibly lean, so much so they lost around 50hp at the top of the rpm range. They had to get an Apexi SAFC to richen the fuel mixture and gained 15hp from the pre-intake install hp.

As far as the SAFC and the ECU learning around it, I remembered reading a lot about that. All it did was make me more confused. What I gathered is that during part throttle, around town driving, the ECU would learn around the SAFC settings but at WOT, it didn't. There's no learning at WOT, just set ECU maps.

I haven't had experience using the SAFC (except on my XT6 but that was horrible and another story in itself....configuration and setup problems galore) but using the Hyper SAFC on my Outback Sport was excellent. Remember, I was using stock fuel injectors, stock pump, basically stock everything engine wise while running the turbo and nitrous. I never had to take the fuel settings over +4 at the top of the rpm range or the engine would bog down and die. Yes, that is wierd and isn't supposed to happen but it was what it was. The stock injectors provided too much fuel according to the Jumptronix gauge. Never had to play with timing, only fuel. ????? Take it for what it's worth but your car is the same year as mine.

The Emanage sounds like something I'd like to go with but I'm ignorant of setting up aftermarket ECUs. I don't know of anyone that knows what they are doing with an Emanage unit so I'd be to chicken to try it. If you know someone that KNOWS what they are doing with this unit whether it be installing it or controlling it, I'd go with it. Otherwise, it would be chancy (<--hey a new word). And this is with any aftermarket ECU. I'd like to learn about them and I have no problem learning but it's just hard finding someone that KNOWS what they are doing. Lots of people talk the talk. BOY, that statement is of no reference to you.
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