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Talking The Time has come....SWAP..

First let me say...My wife is the most awesome woman I know...and she loves me...Wahoooooooooooooo...

the Wife just told me about my aniversery present (Aug 2nd)..She calls me up and wanted to know seriously how much my swap would cost..So I made some phone calls and here soon (Within the next 2 weeks) I will be transforming the RS into a real WRX...

She had been stashing $$ away so I could get this done......

I will soon be sporting a NEW(to me w/7000mi) 03 WRX motor... ...I will keep you guys advised of the progress as it developes...As I have said in the past...I have MOST of what I need... so Probably after next weekend (Aniversary weekend) I will get started....I have to order a some minor things...then I get to pull my 2.5 (part of the deal I made) and get it ready to trade out...Then the fun begins...

Man I am SOOOOOOOOO happy...I just can't believe its going to happen...Wahooooooooooooooo....

I most likely will have some Wrenchmob sessions in the futrue for those that want to help....I hope to have this thing running within 3 weeks of purchase..
Well I have made a list of stuff....that I have to get or to do....

So heres what I am going to end up with...

New ACT clutch,
a lightened stock flywheel (18lbs or so)
and TXS intake
Samco intercooler hoses
TXS RFL Exhaust...(Have to use the stocker for a while) but this is definately in the future
Deadbolt Monstor TD04 turbo with "Special" Clip-- sorry its a secret
STi Engine and Tranny Mounts- Already have
STi Clutch line
STi pitch stop
92-94 Turbo Legacy Crossmember
1 step colder plugs

Boost will be set to 16 psi

Plus while I am in I will change out the Brake Booster and MC from a WRX...

Thats about it...should be good for about 220 HP to the ground...Nothing elaborate...just some better than the 2.5...I know I could build my 2.5 but I have wanted this longer than I have known most of you...the car should have come from SOA with a Turbo Motor in it to begin with....
So I wouldn't have to take time to do all this...But...Its the way I have pictured it from the beginning...
ok... a Little update for ya's..

Well the original motor had a busted cam sprocket....( the 03)...So I was advised that, that might not be be my best option..

So I am now the proud owner of a 02 WRX motor with 8357 miles on came out of a wagon...that was bought in VA...The car was hit in the side...and rolled ...The front of the car was pretty near perfect....

Ordered my clutch today as well....and ACT stage 2 for the RS tranny....I decided I wanted to go ahead and freshen it up while I am in..

Looks like I will be doing Prep work heere come next week (monday) cleaning my motor.. and yanking it out...

Put the new crossmember in...and drop the WRX motor in.... Then the fun begins with the wiring....Putting the motor phsically in is about a 3 hour job....But I have to have the Flywheel turned....and get everything to ready to bolt probably 2 days...( in the evenings)..Then I Tow it home and Start splicing

More later..

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