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ok i don't know bout that whole dunde thang. but when they first started doing the outback there were not many compact wagons being made anymore. (remember)toyota, honda, and a few more were done. saturn didn't have them i think. (oh you seen the hyundai one its weird looking) any way a lot of ppl still wanted wagons but no one was making them. at that same time vans were coming into play. and they swept the market. now ppl are making wagons again.

and subaru earlier commercials were about its awd...( every subaru comes with all wheel drive visit your nearest subaru dealer) but that didn't work that much. so they switched to dunde

i thinked they farked up when WV put the new bettle in as a rally car in its new commercial. i think it was smart of them to ride it off with subaru's almost but not quite rally blue color. ( something to think about). subaru should have used rally as it big market tool. about 1993 when dropping cars and racing and all that stuff was just gettin into our american blood they should have hit it off when they started to win in wrc then market awd. it would have been at the peak of the slam/ drop/ 17 inch rim/ turn my momo steering wheel and my car can ride on rails; phase of america.

just stuff to think bout

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