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Unhappy Removed 2nd air filter - downhill from there...

So I was having hesitation problems at low RPMs, anywhere from 1000 - 2000 RPMs. I decided to take out the 2nd air filter, as many people have done before, to see if it would help any. This was a big mistake. I put everything back together and start her up. The car starts, and then dies out. Tried this several times, and got the same thing.

I had to get going so decide to just put the filter back, and check on documented procedure for removing this filter. Well, the filter doesn't go in properly, and me and my dad have a hard time putting everything back together properly.

We finally do so, the engine starts, stays on, but now the idle is very rough. It wouldn't die as before, but the RPMs would go very very low, and bounce around.

First question, does anyone know how to adjust the idle? Would it help to just adjust the idle so that it is around 900 RPM?

I then had to drive to drop something off at my girlfriend's house. As I stop at the bank machine, I notice that the idle is now smooth, at around 700 RPM. It seems to have settled down. When I get to her house, I notice that the RPM remains steady at idle. Is it okay now?

CEL is now on, and I'll do a reset tomorrow night after work.

Can anyone diagonse this problem?


P.S. I'm driving to Pennsylvania on Friday, and I hope everything will be alright....
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