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Originally posted by ride5000
it seems to me that the logical extension of a WBO2 is to connect it directly to an ECU of some sort, and be able to input desired target AFR and simply sit back and let the ECU adjust fuel in closed loop--constantly.

is there such a system out there that does this, or has it yet to be invented/prototyped/tested/produced?

No you must have a controller.

Klaus, I have spoken to you on the phone before and am extremely impressed with what I have read. I would as everyone else like to see it in action and somedayt I might.

Here is my opne consern that you may be able to address. The LM-1 as sold is not able to log RPMS so logging in general will be somewhat uninformative. Having AFR to plot withpout knowing the RPM it was at seems useless.

I know there is another controller that is supposed to supplement this but most of the affordable grade AFR meters I have used have something interegrated. Any plans to do this or did I miss something where this is already doable?

All I want is a nice AFR that uses the cheap VW Sensor, Calbrates easily and logs AFR and RPMS all in one package. So far Techedge v2.0 foots this bill.
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