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Originally posted by LinuxGuy
What does a dealership care about a customer now a days anyways? All a dealership looks for is whats in their best intrest, they dont care if you bought cars from them before, as long as they make their money, thats all their using you for, thats whats the business is all about.....

I dont care how good the dealership is, they can put the icing on the cake saying, their the best dealership around, or their the highest volume dealer around, or how great their prices are, its just a big pile of cow manure (figuretively speaking), they dont care about you, they care about whats in your wallet, and if they can play with your emotions to get into your wallet, by all means, they will.

This is just one of the reasons why I have no respect when I go car shopping, I know the game they play, so you might as well play it back twice as hard.
All good points. That's why you have to play the angles. I don't know what makes Subaru tick, but for example, BMW uses customer service ratings... lower ratings means less money to the dealer. In the case of Ford, they certify dealers with the "Blue Oval" certification. If your dealer doesn't get a decent JD Power rating, they loose their Blue Oval cert. In the case of my friend, after a dealer replaced his 3rd engine in his mustang, he finally went and spoke with the JD Power rep in the area who happened to be a friend of his. Needless to say it got some action.

I won't say that all dealers have screws you the customer can use to squeeze them back, but certainly some of them do.

I raised my tone in front of a bunch of service writers in a busy dealership and was able to accomplish more through that tactic in 10 minutes that I had managed in the previous 6 months of being polite, documenting and sending letters, bringing the car in over and over again to have the issue looked at.
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