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Let me explain exactly what the links do...

If you look at your stock rear links you see they are a hard plastic/rubber. This allows for flex. When you come into a corner hard and suddenly, they have a tendency to stretch and recoil. As an example of this you can hold a rubber band in one hand by one or two fingers, and then drop on something with a little weight on a hook to the other side. You will see how it drops far below where it ends up resting.

That stretching causes the car to heavily load to one side before the sway bar gets a chance to kick in and then when it finally recoils, it does so harshly and you will lose the rear end.

The more solid the links you get, the less recoil you get. I had the MRT links on my car and I've driven Greg's car with his solid links (am still awaiting my set to be completed). The solid links make handling predictable and easy to correct for, while the stock links are tougher to predict. If you slalom back and forth a bit, you will tend to lose the rear end more and more unless you start taking it easier, with solid links you will have a lot more control and won't have to correct nearly as much.

Front end links do the same thing, except they provide better steering response... less delay from turning the wheel to turning the car.
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