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Question "subiegal" ? Anyone? Any definitive answers on STi mods voiding the warranty?

I'm just wondering if we have anything official on mods that will/won't void the warranty on the car.

I was thinking pretty straight forward stuff:

-K&N drop-in filter
-lose the snorkel and draw cold air directly from the top of the fender
-blow-off valve change to something that vents (at least partially) to atmo so I get some better noise.
-after market exhaust with either a catless turbo back section or else a stock up-pipe with drilled-out cats.

I can't see the warranty being voided by the K&N- they even say OEM approved on the box!

I guess I could always just cut open the snorkel piping INSIDE the fender allowing it to draw colder air in there, and then leave the rest of the pipe intact. I'd cut it open right at the top where it goes into the engine bay so the whole resonator box setup will be negated. Won't be visible for routine work and I can replace the pipe before going to the dealer if anything is ever broken.

A drilled out cat upper pipe should be undetectable too, so I guess I'm worried about the BOV and cat-back exhaust.

Anything official from within Subaru? I have a hard time seeing they could actually void the warranty with any of this since they themselves sell performance upgrades through most dealers...
but that's just my $0.02

....if it matters at all, I'm way up here in snowy ( ) Canada.....

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