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Default Re: Concerns about STI in snow.

Originally posted by d4d4d4d4
I've seen some people concerned about the STI in the snow.

Any set of all season tires should do just fine in the snow. Some people were questioning where to find winter tires that would fit the rims. I just have one question for ya:

When's the last time you've ever seen a 4wd Subaru with winter tires?.......................................never !

My car has practically bald toyos and it drives through any amount of snow like a bat out of HELL!!

My car has only one locking diff. and it's never lost traction at all! Well, unless I try really hard to make it break. It would seem to me that 3 locking diffs would be WAAAAYYYY superior to mine. The only draw backs of the stock STI are:

- Ground clearance
- Stock road tires

Ground clearance can be overcome by getting a nice skid plate. Any depth of snow can be overcome by going FAST! The car will plane up and ride on the top several inches of snow if the speed is great enough. I once drove my car 20 miles through 1.5 ft of slushy snow. I started out at 10 mph and did nothing but plow snow. I then picked it up to 45 mph and lifted right out of it. It felt like I was on skiis!

I'm sure no US sti owner has been in snow yet, what about you UK folks? Any tips on getting around the white stuff for those of us with STIs? or those of us who will be getting an STI (I hope to get one by this winter)

Since you live in Seattle and don't really know what snow is, unless you travel to the mountains- which still isn't like driving on frozen roads from Nov-April; I can see why you've never seen a subaru with snow tires. There's not point for anyone in the northwest to even get winter tires. Any tire will work fine when going to the moutains on the well plowed/sanded roads.

I have has two years experience in the bad winter conditions that North Dakota offers. I drove on Blizzaks last winter. They are simply amazing. At first I didn't think they were good, but after I switched back to my summer tires in April and it snowed once agian, I then saw how much blizzaks helped.

I find it funny how all these ***** people in the Northwest (portland/seattle) get studded tires. I just don't understand it. It snows maybe once every 5 years and when it does we get like 1 inch. It rarley gets below freezing, yet I still see stupid asses running studs. And I know they don't go up into the mountains.

Enough ranting. Blizzaks = money well invested~!
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