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Shiv it isn't meant to be offnesive to you I am just saying Joel has alot of good knowledge that he is learning by building his 1.8L with parts from other cars but just seems to echo alot of stuff you post instead of his own opinion/facts/knowledge/whatever(maybe I am misunderstanding him like he does me?!?!?).
Shiv alot of times he seems to not really concern himself with a tech post unless you post first like the turbo post in which we brought alot of great information to light to help other members in being more knowledgeable about any turbo kit they may purchase. I stated in my post with the link to Mjos dyno run not to bother wiht the numbers but to look at the power curve and Joel immediately starts quoting the numbers. He did alot of the same thing in the clear corner post. Shiv I did it all in good fun considering he blatantly blasted close to 20+ members in the clear corner post for things he considers "non-performance mods". Did any of us state they were? I actually thought the turbo post was something that really raised awareness for everyone considering that route to know more than just slapping the product on and expecting to get the same numbers you are without proper tuning.

Joel Gat if you are out there reading this I hold no grudge against you nor harbor any hard feelings I just ask that you ask if someone posts something you may not understand the meaning of or the stated intention.

Shiv I apologize if you are offended by it as it really wasn't meant to be offensive.
Heck I am sure you two probably argue alot considering he is building up his "frankimpreza" with a 2.5L and learning alot about it along the way. You both have great knowledge on our cars and there is still more to learn since you have yet to anything internal to your car and Joel may find some tricks/tips that wouldn't be found without trying building your engine out of Subaru parts from other vehicles.

I hope eveyone can look back on the clear taillight post and get a good laugh. Heck the "Imprezarice" table may unfortunately be the next Trunk Monkey fad. After all I made alot of fun about myself and my car and am begining to expect crowns to be coming in from all over trying to join the table thanks to these posts which I think is funny. Heck neither of us were really as harsh to each other as things could have been.

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