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Hi Jehcpa,

so if either innovate_patrick (assuming they are from the company) or someone that has a production unit would confirm its functioning.
I have right now about 50 production units in front of me and I can confirm the analog output functions are working.
Quite a few of our customers are using it. One customer has installed the sensor on an experimental race engine (at a university) directly at the exhaust header of one cylinder and they can see (on an oscilloscope) charge loss due to valve overlap because the analog outs are so fast. They therefore sample the analog outs synchronous with the exhaust stroke. New upcoming software and firmware will allow you to program analog out response speed (for each output separately) and default output during warmup or error conditions. You can also specify if during these conditions the outputs should go high impedance instead of outputting a voltage.
Software and firmware upgrades can be downloaded from our web-site for free.

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