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When I lived in NY, my brother used to have to drive for 4 hours to get back to college from the weekend breaks. We lived in upstate so 4 feet of snow overnight was not that big a thing. So anyway, he drove a boat. '78 buick century, with the big A** 350 chevy in it. rear wheel drive. He's not that great a driver and I was always expecting him to put the thing in the ditch. Wo one day he's flying up the highway. It's snowing pretty good. He sees flashing cop lights up ahead. He gets nervous and hits the brakes a little to hard....On his second 360 he hit the cop car's back corner with his driver side door. After he got out the female trooper crawled out of the median's 3 and half feet deep snow bank. She had dove to miss the collision. She was pissed. She was covered in snow! The troopers car was totaled and all he needed was a new door! They don't make 'em like they used to! By the way my brother has been to so many of those driver courses that he can almost teach the class now.......
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