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(I know that mtbmech has already wired up his subwoofer, but for anyone else who reads this thread...)

Nobody really spelled this out here, but you can buy after-market harnesses to reconstruct what was cut from the wire going to the subwoofer. Then you won't need to cut or splice into the factory wiring.

On cars without the factory subwoofer, there is a simple wiring harness for the radio -- the wires go back to the speakers and power. This harness plugs into the rear of the factory radio.

The factory subwoofer comes with a "T" cable -- it has a plug that connects to the factory radio, and another plug that mates with the car's radio wiring harness. These two plugs are wired straight through (pin 1 to pin 1, etc.), like a short extension cord. But a few of the pins are also sent down the long leg to the subwoofer.

Here's the T-harness wiring by pin number:
Forward   Reverse  Subw  Function
(to car)  (to HU)
--------  -------  ----  --------
   1         1      NC   Illumination +
   2         2      NC   Right Front +
   3         3      NC   Left Front +
   4         4      1    Right Rear +
   5         5      2    Left Rear +
   6         6      7    +12V Battery (constant)
   7         7      NC   Dimmer (Illum. -)
   8         8      NC   Right Front -
   9         9      NC   Left Front -
  10        10      NC   +12V Accessory (switched)
  11        11      8    Ground
  12        12      4    Right Rear -
  13        13      5    Left Rear -
  14        14      NC   Antenna Remote control

NC = No Connection to subwoofer
Note that power goes through an inline fuseholder behind the HU.

Subwoofer pins (looking at rear of T-harness subwoofer plug -- wires pointing toward you):
3  ###  2 1
8  7 6  5 4
You can replace what was cut off your "T" harness by getting two pieces:
  1. A 'normal' or "forward" car stereo wiring harness (this connects to the car's harness), and
  2. A wiring harness that plugs into the back of the radio (called a "reverse" harness).
Reverse harness:

Wiring pin-out here.

The only reverse harness that people have found so far is made by Scosche, their SU03R. Its pin-out is for [CORRECTION] 1993 and newer Subarus (besides the SVX). However, it lacks the second dimmer wire (pin 7) that is needed for the factory radio's illumination to work correctly.

The "forward" harness should be fairly easy to find at car stereo stores and online, but make sure it has all 14 wires. UPDATE: Nobody else includes the dimmer wire (pin 7) on this harness.

I'm making reverse and forward harnesses that have all 14 wires. For purchase information, please see this page or this thread on the SVX forums, and e-mail me with any questions.

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