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Originally posted by EMS

Nice product!

Is it possible to setup one analog output to show a signal that a 1V O2 sensor would produce?

I ask this because I want to replace the standard 1V sensor and have the possibility to "feed" the cars ECU, so the lambda control is still working.


Yes, you can simulate your NBo2 sensor. In fact, the LM-1 comes configured with Analog output #1 set up for this IIRC.

Take a look at the configuration screenshot I've posted at:

You should be able to set up a slope between 2 points that will match what your ECU expects to see. In the case of a stock ECU, I'm guessing you would just want to make sure that the output V at stoich was correct although there may be an optimum "rich" and "lean" voltage as well.

Since I'm able to program an EGO response curve into my ECU, I've just used "rich" and "lean" points of 10:1 and 22.05:1.

(the TEC2 internally multiplies the V by 5, that's why the V numbers are different in this screenshot)

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