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This thread needs a MAJOR update. 15 years old.

Step 1: Try your best to use your Dorito-dust covered sausage fingers to move your mouse cursor to the address bar on your browser and then type in

Step 2: Click the "upload images" - you may need to adjust your fedora to see the screen properly.

Step 3: Now click the "browse your computer" button. Challenge yourself, see if you can find it!

Step 4: Now this will take some brain power so be prepared. You're going to have to remember where on your computer the image you want to upload is stored. If it's a picture of your car, it is probably not in the folder named "stuff" which everyone knows is your stash of granny bondage porn. Perhaps it is in a folder called "car", maybe even on your desktop. Try there first. Once the picture is located, select it and click "Open"

Step 5: Are you sweating yet? If so, take a long swig of that Mountain Dew on your desk. If you're out of Mountain Dew, try the Monster Energy drink in the trash from yesterday, there's probably a few drops left. Ok, I know this is getting complicated, but now, you have to click the "Start Upload" button.

Step 6: Imgur is really doing all the heavy lifting here for you and they provide the proper links to post your photo in forums. This is called BBCode. Try to sound that out. Bee Bee Code. Ok, time to select that. Stay with me!!! We're almost there. When you select it, it will copy the code.

Step 7:Last one! Now, go back to your thread and hit the Ctrl+V buttons on your keyboard to paste the code into your thread.

This is what the photo will look like (though hopefully your car and not mine)

Holy **** you made it. Congrats. Now you've learned something. Spread the word. Maybe next time you can figure something out for yourself!
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