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Default STi BOV sound clips anyone ? plus de-snorkelfying q's...

Hi guys,

I for one like BOV sounds and it's a personal thing, so please
don't go posting flames here.

I am looking for some BOV sound clips on a few options for my
STi. I was thinking about the WorxTuning BOV or TurboXS -rfl.
Can anyone post some interior (and maybe exterior) sound clips
of these in operation? I tried the dl at the turboxs WEBsite and
my machine cannot play it for some reason. I like the WORX unit's
OEM color match and drop-in-bolt-up appeal so I am most
interested in getting a sound clip of that one. I e-mailed them for
one but they never sent anything

I was also thinking about de-snorkelfying my car and going with
the 7"->3" velocity stack inlet that someone wrote about earlier.
Anyone have a sound clip of how the stock BOV sounds using this
kind of conversion? (de-snorkelfied) I have seen people write
that you can hear the BOV much clearer with this done....

Lastly, when de-snorkelfying has anyone gone with an upgraded
flat-panel filter in the box? Make and model? Results? With
changing the filter I am also a bit concerned about filtering
performance. My past experneice is that the HKS Mega flow units
do very little filtration- has anyone seen any test results on this
kind of thing? It would be great to know what filters work best
AND increase performance.

As always, thanks in advance for any help...

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