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Angry Arrrggghhh! Cars & cyclists

Why do most car drivers think that they own the road and that anyone that's on the road and not in car should be just run over or side swiped??!!! This is the third time in a month that a car has tried to hit me while bike riding. I ride on roads with little or no traffic (carroll county, maryland), always during the day, stay as far right as possible, and always in the direction of traffic. I obey all the traffic laws, yet for some reason the rednecks around here want to run cyclists down! A month ago a pickup truck came up behind me on a 2 lane road, honked the horn (I was already far to the right only 2 inches from people's lawns), then the guy comes up next me, swerves out, then at me, only missing me by a couple of inches, then roars off. Another guy (in a pickup) crossed a double yellow line and swerved at me wife and I from the other side of the road once. I've had numerous people come within inches of my handle bar (going at least 40 mph) since they refuse to move over even a little bit. And finally, last weekend I had a guy in a minivan come up behind me going at least 65-70 and lay on the horn as he approached, I looked back to see that this minivan was going to hit me! There was no shoulder and a guard rail on my right! My only saving grace was that I was just before the entrance to my driveway, but since I was going downhill about 20-25 mph I was in a bit of a problem - I needed to swing out some to make the 90 degree turn into the driveway at the speed I was going (there's a 15 ft opening in the guard rail for my drive), if I slowed down I would've been creamed against the guard rail by the minivan. So my only choice was to keep up the speed, lock up the rear wheel and slide into the driveway. I just made it as I felt a gust of wind from the van speeding past, however I was going way too fast for the turn in so I had to lay the bike down and slide along the pavement instead of hitting one of the trees at the side of the drive (the word of the day is roadrash). the van never stopped or slowed down - what an a**hole!!
Why can't people realize that they need to yield to pedestrians and cyclists on the roads? Why don;t they remember that there's a pedal next to the accelerator, putting their foot on it will slow the vehicle down. It's a simple concept.
I talked to the state police about this and if I ever get the plate number of that guy or the number of the next one that pulls a stunt like that they go to jail for assault with a deadly weapon.
If anybody has a friend that drives like the rednecks in Carroll County, Maryland let them know that sooner or later someone will get their tag number and the next fews years of their life will be spent talking with lawyers, most likely lose their job, and try not to get raped while in jail.
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