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dumbass 'merican, redneck, fat-arsed, artery-clogged, ignorant, mudder-fukkers.

I get this all the time too. I know I shouldn't but I curse and throw stuff at them when possible hoping that they will stop so I can pummel thier lazy arse into the ground. Unfortunately, they know ther is nothing you can do them while they are in thier car so they never stop.

My friend (NYPD) rides with a Baretta 380 in his handlebar bag.

I once had some guy pull out in front of me making a left turn as I was coming down a hill at over 40mph. I braked to about 25 but he still clipped my back wheel and sent me over the bars. Fortunately I got a hand down and rolled (10+ years Ju-Jitsu and Kung Fu) sprung up and went after the guy. I was restrained by some witnesses. Maybe if these drivers suffer similar injuries to what they inflict, they will think twice about being arseholes.

Violence is just another form of conflict resolution.

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