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The distinction is that the motorist can easily kill the cyclist while the opposite is not true.

As for imbecile motorists, when in the last ten years did turn signals become optional? and get that phone out of your ear before I stick it in your a$$. Drivers don't appreciate the fact that it is perhaps the only thing they do in the course of thier day that can result in death. Most people take driving way to lightly. Unfortunately it will probrably not be thier own life they take when they fuk up.

I mountain bike also, its not the same as being on a road bike and falling into a zen-like state just listening to your own breathing and feeling your thighs gently brushing your belley as you inhale. No chain noise, no tire noise, no bumping, no bouncing , just breathe in...... breathe out.


BTW When you say the wrong way, you mean against the flow traffic, right?

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