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I have lived and cycled here in Florida all my life and as you may well expect, have paid the price several times in the forms of near misses, one actual collision, literally thousands of verbal exchanges on differing points of view about who belongs on the road, several pounds of thrown objects including batteries up to and including lantern batteries, cheeseburgers, beer, soda, and other cans and ,I think, a serving of haggis. The best part is that I am a Florida Highway Patrol Officer . One of my favorite events happened not too long ago. I was coming home from a ride when two of our brighter Florida youths decided to hurl their leftover fast food at me. They missed and laughed all the way to the red light at the end of the road. The driver was still laughing when I pulled up to the light. He looked over at me and was about to say something witty when I pulled out my credentials and told him that I had already phoned the Sheriff's Office and that throwing deadly missles and assault on a law enforcement officer would cost him his license . In other words, he had a bad afternoon. That one still makes me smile. I would recommend that every cyclist carry a cell phone and note pad/pen with them on rides. Logging plate numbers and making quick notation of vehicle descriptions along with filing a complaint does lead to arrests.
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