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You are essentially leasing the car to someone for $5K, but you need to define from what dates to what dates.

Is he going to pay the insurance during that time? Probably not!

Will he be limited to a certain amount of mileage? 6000 or less; maybe. Perhaps you should negotiate a mileage charge if he exceeds a certain amount because the car is fun as hell to drive.

Will he also be paying a portion of the sales and licensing taxes? probably not.

You will be paying a new car price but never getting to drive a new car. You will receive a car that probably will need new tires (they can last more than 6K miles but not much more from what I hear), the brakes will be used, the car will not feel as new. Who knows you may not get the benefit of that new car smell, which we pay so dearly for.

On the other hand, he will likely get tired of driving the car without a stereo and may pay for that and a set of speakers, which could at some point become yours if he does not want to pay to remove them.

Will he wash and wax and care for the car as you would? Not likely. Will he wash it soon after it rains to get all that dirt and debris off the paint? Will he cover it, garage it, etc? Will he drink his coffee and eat his pastries in it on the way to work?

I am just throwing these options out there for you to consider. Do not let the enthusiasm of buying a new car that is awesome over power your objectivity. You should approach it like a business transaction for an asset that depreciates.
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