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Default Re: Re: Re: share STi with my dad?

Originally posted by RafalW

My GSX and WRX were great winter cars here. Why STi would be worse?
RafalW: I'm sure your GSX and WRX were awesome winter cars... But think for just a second about how different and STi is than a "regular" WRX.

1. The STi sits lower... So the first snow bank you hit are a for sure "good bye" to those little lips in the front (and believe me... Those things arent on there very tight).

2. The tires are only summer tires. I'm not sure that the aftermarket makes a winter tire in 17" (forgive me if they do... I live in Houston, Tx. and have never had to look into it).

3. And especially what Red Rocket said. But that covers all Subarus

All in all, it is up to you... There have been some pretty good ideas and opinions thrown around in here. It's up to you really.

If its the only way I could get an STi, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat.
If that wasnt the only way I could get it, I probably wouldnt do it.

Just my .02,
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