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hmmm that picture of the version 4 on looks very familiar to me ... like the one I took last year ... I could be mistaken though, no dis-credit intended.

All I can suggest is that when looking for a clip some MAJOR things to check.
1) remove t-belt covers and make sure no pullies are damaged and the belt and pullies line up properly
2) make sure that you have the appropriate switches, sensors and wires are cut with enough length to re-use the connectorys.... lots of clips look complete and people think that it is a clip, so I am not missing anything ... hehehehe ... if I had a dime everytime I heard that one !!!
5) make sure you have the vehicule tags, if they are no longer there, it is stolen.
6) make sure it is the CORRESPONDING rear diff
7) check to make sure that transmission bell housing etc and oil filter housings are not broken. Front end smashes or side collisions can do wierd things that are not so obvious until you look at the car from underneath ! See if the paint on the body has lifted or cracked unnesecarily.

THat is my advise and remember, shops that have been doing this for years such as rallispec and ourselves, have been doing this for years for a reason.!!

Happy hunting, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions,


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