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We have tuned many of these remotely and the initial results and virtual dyno graphs looked promising. Based on a few upgraded turbochargers that we tested and either never came to market or were removed from the market, we were excited for a easy option that was readily available.

In comes the SteamSpeed 67 (stock location/stock manifold turbo upgrade). A few of our remote customers had installed many of these variants and the results were so-so. Most of them tuned well but some spooled extremely late and were found to have defective wastegates. After watching the symptoms get worse log after log, we realized that this wasn't a "lazy" turbo but that it had a mechanical issue. Customers then removed, warrantied and reinstalled the new unit to then again have the same wastegate problem. To date, out of the 8 we have tuned (some 67 and some 71), two of them still remain intact and perform while making excellent power, torque and spool. I'm not sure if this issue has been fixed but some of our customers were on their 2nd or 3rd actuator at one point. Like many turbos produced overseas, the wastegates tend to be a weak point. Swapping the turbo is not the greatest job either so for this test we threw out the SteamSpeed actuator and replaced it with a new Turbosmart 7PSI actuator. We did reach out to SteamSpeed a couple months ago to try to provide accurate feedback here but were not met with open arms. We would have liked to provide this data a long time ago but we didnít have any customers who wanted risk taking the plunge without solid results.

So anyways the testing goes as follows. We had a test 2016 WRX with full bolt-ons get tuned in late April. Since then the customer added a Mishimoto FMIC and we installed a SteamSpeed 67 with Turbosmart wastegate, all else is equal.

Full mod list:

Mishi J
Mishi Intake
Mishi TGV
Mishi FMIC
Nameless muffler delete
SteamSpeed 67
Turbosmart 75 7PSI Wastegate
93 Pump gas

Today we got to dive into tuning this and it was quite easy given our previous experience with them remotely. The downfall at this power level is that many DIT tuners do not fully understand what it takes to sustain 22+PSI without hitting limiters and correcting fuel pressure at 350+WHP/WTQ while keeping the motor together. It is a delicate task and when max effort tuning this turbo and especially the 71 we've tuned, it WILL max out the MAF housing and fuel system even when tuned properly. For the best results we recommend the largest intake tube one can find such as the COBB SF+ system or the "large" big turbo sized intake from ETS. The stock sized system can and will max out at this level without any tricks. Along with this you should do a DW65C as a LPFP back up resource. Anyone running an ethanol mix and high boost will find themselves at the end of the fuel system pretty quickly as well without supplementing it with a bandaid like methanol injection while fueling and 24PSI limiters are worked out.

So as far as the results go:

The car tuned previously in Late April did 306WHP/306WTQ. The same car returned today, had the turbo installed along with Turbosmart actuator and also added a Mishi FMIC prior to arrival.

We used fourth gear pulls on this car for the stock turbo dyno along with the SteamSpeed 67. Fuel in the tank was 93 octane. Using the previous mapping as a baseline, the 67 made an additional 30-35WHP off the rip in high RPMís at the identical boost setting of 18PSI, the low RPM characteristics left much to be desired on the tuning side with the larger turbo.

The SteamSpeed made power with ease, especially up top. On a conservative tune, 350WHP/350WTQ was found at 21PSI and gentle timing not hitting any fuel or MAF limitations.

We then tuned it for maximum power which results in 371WHP/360WTQ at 22PSI and more aggressive ignition. We weren't happy with the very upper gear MAF readings for long pulls and know the limitations of the motor on pump gas so we stopped there. There is more in it for sure at the expense of stressing the car out slightly which we weren't going to do on pump gas. While those raw numbers are good, to put it perspective, it is making over 85WHP/70WTQ MORE at redline than the previous map! This is an easy 400WHP car with a KillerB header on 93 octane, it will also help the low end which is where this setup will need the most help. Iím sure the 71 with the right supporting mods, meth, KillerB EWG header and aggressive tuning will get mid to high 400ís! Impressive by all means! Overall it performed well and made great strides in the stock location game. We would love to test a STX71 or add a methanol kit to a car in house so if anyone is local and interested we would love to provide the data.

Install notes:

Fairly straight forward. Not super fun but not end of the world. Typical studs stripping like they do on the Jís. You want to make sure you route the oil feed line away from the header. You will also want to make sure that all your coolant/oil/wastegate lines are setup properly before installing the header, these will be next to impossible to get to without removing.

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