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Default TXS Unichip Misfires!? Please Help.

I've had my TXS unichip uninstalled from my car for quite a while right now. For the week I had it in my car, I threw a CEL that came out to 'misfire in cylinders 2,3 and 4. Now, I've heard that the unichip throws 'false codes'. Is this one of them? Am I going to destroy anything by running my car with the chip?

I took the chip out and put in a HKS Downpipe (pretty much stock just no cats, has no wastegate dump), and I put the rest of the stock exhaust system back on, including the one cat (mid-pipe) and the muffler. I also have no resonator on the car and I have the 3/16th mod. The only other things I have on the car are the following: txs rfl bov, boost, a/f (wideband), egt (not yet hooked up since I haven't put in the up-pipe), and a blitz TT.

Could someone tell me if it is alright to run my car with the chip as is? Or should I take the downpipe off and throw the chip on and see how it goes from there (again)?

When I had the chip in, the car had a stock exhaust, shooting out of the downpipe (with turn-down). Any ideas?

Should I just get it reflashed from TXS? Or ??

I don't have the money for a utec, but when I do, I'm going to do all my 'major mods' at the same time (vf34, injectors, fmic, ecutek, etc).

Please help,
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