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Hey folks,
Man, am I sorry to hear this crap popping up again. I actually had a dealer do worse to me. I have posted the whole story on the STiMlist man.... about a year and a half ago. I had purchased the WRX STi exhaust from Mike Shields, when it arrived, I anxiously awaited the date when I could get it installed. I called the dealer, and ask for an appointment to have it installed, well guess what? The guy on the other end of the line laughed at me. Yep actually laughed. His next comment was,"Listen, we don't do ANY customer installs of custom or non-subaru parts here, and besides, the second you turn one bolt and replace something with a non-stock part, your warranty will be voided." I was really miffed, and explained to him that this part was available through a Subaru dealer in NJ. He said that Subaru's stance was if it wasn't on the car originally, then it was a custom addition and the warranty is null and void. Man was I pissed, so what do I do, I call good ole SOA. After staying on hold for almost 30 minutes I am greeted by a lady that doesn't know anything giving the generic cookie cutter answers, and sounding verbatim like the dealer. "Sir, all I can tell you is that if you alter your car by placing a non-standard part on it your warranty is void. The reason for this is we have gone through extensive testing to make sure the 2.5 RS is safe and reliable in the state itis in from the dealer" I responded "Do you realize that this is an STi part" "A what part" "STi" "What is that?" At this point I ask for a Supervisor, and waited another 10 minutes on hold. When I finally get to her, I am even more shocked for you see, I used to work at JVC as a customer service rep, and I know how you listen in to a call. Well for some reason, these idiots didn't mute their headsets. SO, as I am talking to the Supervisor, I can hear two other people. One a guy who is like " We have his name and addess already, we can FLAG his VIN from that." and another lady that was laughing and chimed in "Man this guy is a total f*&^%$g idiot" Well, what came out of it after I had let her know that I could hear the other people on the line and that I would be writing a letter, was this.
1) She said they would flag my VIN and any warranty claims would be determined after making sure installed non-standard parts were not to blame.
2)She says SOA's stance is that STi is an aftermarket supplier.
3) They didn't know diddly about their product.
So, do you want to know the really bad part? I have a 98. Remember the front axle seals were packed with the wrong grease and they would leak and stink and make the motor smoke? Well when I went back to my Dealer (which by the way denied any knowledge of such recall) to have the problem repaired, actually logged on the receipt: aftermarket exhaust confirmed. Installed at midpipe to rear of car. When I ask why he had done that, he showed me his computer screen which had a flag... highlighted nonetheless... that said to check car and log all "INSTALLED NON-STANDARD PARTS" He said this info was sent back to SOA for warranty claim decisions.
So, do youself a favor and never deal with LOHMAN AUTO GROUP in PARSIPPANY NEW JERSEY. They are, hands down the worst dealership I have ever seen, bar none.
I hope this has shed some light on the subject, as I know they are flagging VIN's and Dealers have been told to log non-standard parts for warranty decision purposes.


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