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Prog, actually what I am talking about would be the equivelant of you putting Comptech stickers or badges on your car. STi builds cars but they mostly just make parts. I don't have the WRX stickers cause the car isn't one. It does have alot of STI parts on it. I just think the factory STI side badges look better then vinyl stickers. Oh Prog what do you think of the rumors of the Integra ending its production run with Acura/Honda?

Ok so the confusion stems from type R not really being a parts manufacturer, i just thought that STi was a impreza model itself(aside from being a tuner). Even though you CAN buy any of the type R parts and fit it into any integra/civic (even the engine) type R itself isnt a tuner/manufacturer, its just a designation by honda..

The integra will most likely be back for my01, untouched (3rd gen design). They say that along with the new gen,(im guessing my02) they will drop the name and go with the alphanumeric designation on the other acuras.. other rumors say that it will have a bigger (2.0 or 2.2l engine) with 200hp in normal configuration and 220 in type R config) There are rumors of it being front engine/rwd. but thats not likely..
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