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Who else here would be pissed if they removed Subies from STS and STR? What a bunch of freaking bull****. I heard about this first at the national tour in Colorado Springs. So what, you are going to reclass a car because it appears at the top of a class? If you do it to one, do it to the others!!! Ok, so now I propose we reclass these vehicles:

ITR- From GS into something else, maybe DS, AS, etc

Talon and Eclipse GSX Turbo AWD- same as above

M3- get them out of ESP!! Those poor pony car folks just can't drive well enough to compete with Bob. Little do they know that Bob can beat most people freaking riding a tricycle around the course

Neon- Consistently winning DS.

Miata- Ditto in BS.

CP- Damn those Stangs!

DSP- Those Fiats have got to go!

MR2- Those need to be reclassed, they win all the time in CS.

Damn those new celicas in ES!!

This is just my personal opionion, which some of it based on our local region here. What are my options if the kick me out of STS? Take off the mods and run GS? I dont think so Spend at least 2 grand in suspension and tires to be even competitive in DSP? Kiss my ass!!

Let the other cars in ST have LSD's for all I care, just don't outlaw our Subies!

I had to vent and also take a comical stab at all of this "that car beat me so reclass it" crap.

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