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March 29, 2017

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What's being done: Gloss Black STi Side bages, Black Surround STI Trunk Badge, Dark Smoke Tail Tint (for clear part), Tails as Turn Module (with LED reverse lights), LED Front Turn Signals, LED Hyperblink module, Lapis Blue Bumper Plugs, and OEM AC fan blower panel.

First real mod update to the journal! I placed a nice order with Subispeed to start on the smaller things before I dive into the really fun stuff. I wanted to keep myself busy and start on doing the nitpicky stuff on the exterior to start making it my own. Sure, pretty basic stuff, but what I've learned in the past is the small details are what make the car. Really felt great to be in the garage again working on my car. Can't wait to really get my hands on this thing and turn it into my vision I've had in my head for a solid year now.

Down with chrome! I can't stand anything chrome on cars. It screams tacky and gaudy to me. Luckily, this car doesn't have much of it, so I decided to tackle it as soon as possible. Very easy to install the side badges and trunk badge if you have done something like that before. Simply heat up, pull off, remove residue, and stick nicer stuff on. It really changed the car quickly just with these two simple additions and boy I am glad I did. Really cleans the car up. I also have gloss black front and rear emblem surrounds, but I didnít get time to install them. I will be sure to post an update when I get some time to knock those out.

IMG_1812 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_1956 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_1835 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_1941 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Next I started on the tail film. I really enjoy the way the dark film looks on these cars. I knew a long time before I even got this car that it was something I wanted to do. Very easy install as the tails on the back end are very flat without any odd angles or curves. Simply wet them, stick them on, and get out all the liquid. Heated them up to angle them around the inside of the tails and make a night tight seal. Really changes the back end and looks way more aggressive. I am really eyeing up the Subispeed tail lights, but not a big fan of the turn signal/reverse light look. Maybe someday Iíll bite the bullet and try them out, but for now very happy with how the tint came out.

IMG_1942 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_1937 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

One thing that really bothers me about Subaruís is the lack of modern technology these cars have. I will admit, the new headlights are very nice, but using halogen bulbs for blinkers and around the car is simply too old school for me. I knew this had to be taken care of to modernize the car so I picked up the tail as turn module with the LED reverse lights and front LED turn signals with the hyper blink module. I was just going to do LED rear turn signals, but decided I liked the look of the tail as turns way more. The nice part about this car is it is very familiar. I knew right where to look for the hyperblink module! Popped that in and I was ready to install the bulbs. Went around the car and put in the front turn signals and rear reverse lights. I wasnít too pleased with the OLM T15 circuit LED I got from subispeed as it is just a circuit board and it does not clip into the socket nice. It was actually almost falling out with me barely handling it. I actually went to put the socket back into the tail light and the LED nearly fell out into the tail light. Decided to put the stock bulbs back in on that side for now until I find a better solution. I shall report back with an update once I find a better bulb.

IMG_1837 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Next up was the tail to turn module. Fortunately, I watched the Subispeed how to video so I knew how to install it. However, there are no instructions that come with it. Besides that, it was extremely simple. Plug and play and works exactly as advertised. Really updates the rear end and looks way better, not to mention way safer! Sorry, not many pictures of this. I will have a video up soon of the tails working in different scenarios.

IMG_1836 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Bumper plugs were a no brainer as there is no way in hell I am going to drill into the front bumper for the plate. Very simple and easy little mod that cleans the front end up nicely. The finish on them was not as smooth as I thought. The ends almost feel like sandpaper for whatever reason. Either way, popped those in and happy to not have to look at the nostrils that come on the car from the factory. I also got a Perrin license plate bracket relocatation kit, so I will throw that on once I get my plates. I know, NJ sucks. I wish we didnít have to run a front plate. I would normally risk it like I have for years in the past, but quite frankly, I am too old to be dealing with pointless cop pull overs.

IMG_1833 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Last quick mod was the AC fan blower panel. I told myself I wasnít going to get this as it seemed to be a pretty minute annoyance. However, after living with the car for nearly a month, the fan noise was all I heard. I have no idea why this wasnít something that was put on the car from the factory. the car literally comes with it completely open. I was shocked when I got down there to install it. Just flat out crap everywhere in the open. No wonder why I heard it! Popped the panel on and this little annoyance was gone.

IMG_1850 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Have a few other mods sitting in the garage that I will be tackling this weekend, so be on the lookout for some more updates!
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