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April 17, 2017

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What's being installed: Diode Dynamics Smart Tap Module

When I installed my exterior LED's, I had one minor annoyance with the LED module I received. When I used the blinker, it would hold the first blink very long and then go into a normal blink. When I used the lane change tap, it would do one long blink, one normal blink, and then a super quick 3rd blink. It really bothered me and I found myself not using that feature and just turn the stalk all the way on when changing lanes. Small issue, but it started to bother me as I felt it defeated my main purpose of why I mod my car. I didn't want to lose any function or practicality. I started to research some options as to why this was an issue and if there were any solutions out there.

Insert Diode Dynamics. They offer a module that seems to be much better quality and sorts the blinking issue I was having. I was so pleased with their tap to turn module that I decided to reach out and see if they were willing to work with me. Lo' and Behold I got an answer right away and had a smart tap module headed my way to review. I received it only a few days later and got a chance to install it last night.

Install was extremely simple. I have done this modification before, so I knew directly where to go. However, if you are unfamiliar with the process, there are quite a few DIY YouTube videos floating around. After removing a few quick pieces, I popped the new Smart Tap in went right to trying it out. I was skeptical as to why this module was 50 dollars more than the basic LED module, so I put it through its paces to see what it was all about.

First and foremost, the blinker issue I once had was sorted right away. Tap to turn and everything else worked as it was stock. However, it is now at 4 blinks instead of the 3 (which can be changed if you wish). Although, I prefer the 4 blinks as I always felt rush to get into the other lane with the 3 blinks. The 4 blinks allow more time for me to change lanes safely and let other drivers know I am making a move. This was the main reason I wanted this module. I wanted everything to work just like OEM. I got exactly what I was after so everything else this module offered was just a bonus.

The smart tap also allows you to have different hazard modes. Wig-wag, back and forth, double blink, stock blink, etc. There are a lot of options to choose with a simple flick of the stalk to your blink of choice. I thought this was a really cool feature as it allows others eyes to notice your car much more clearly since it is a little out of the norm for a car on the side of the road to have hazards flashing like a construction/tow truck. Again, improved safety just increases my love for this product as you can never be TOO safe on the road. One problem I did have with this is having my settings save when I turn off the car. I enjoyed the "wig wag" hazard option and followed the YouTube DIY to a Tee, but every time I turn the car off, it went to the default double blink. Is it supposed to save the settings? Or do you change them as you wish when the hazards are on? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another nice feature the module has is an arrival and departure mode. When the car is locked/unlocked, the blinkers around the car illuminate for better visibility. I really like this feature as it allows a ton more visibility when approaching the car. I leave the lights in auto mode as well, so the headlights come on when approaching at night. Car looks really cool with everything lit up as I approach or walk away from the car. This feature's timing can be changed from 10-90 seconds, but I left it at the default timing, which I believe is 20 seconds. It turns off at the same time as the headlights, so whatever that timing is works for me.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the product. It gave me exactly what I was looking for with a cool new features to make the car a little more unique. For anyone looking to pick one up, I wouldn't hesitate to hit DD up. They really know their stuff! Huge shout out to Diode Dynamics!

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