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April 27, 2017

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What's being installed: Delta Motor Works Fast Track Axleback Exhaust

An exhaust on a subaru is a must. I went through a few variations on my previous WRX and loved the tone the EJ motor produces. It's like a budget friendly V8. Basically anything you put on it, it'll sound great. I knew if I ever got a Subaru again, an exhaust would be one of the first things I would do. After spending a little over 2 years out of one, I needed the rumble back in my life.

I flirted with the idea of a few options that caught my attention. However, I wasn't looking to spend 4 figures on an exhaust that basically is a metal tube for some sound. Horsepower/gains is and never should be a consideration when looking for an exhaust, unless you have a serious setup. Sure maybe it'll add a few numbers here and there for allowing better flow, but this "build" isn't a power seeker. Simply just a daily driver to tote around in everyday and have some fun.

If anyone knows my past, they know I am quite the exhaust whore, for lack of better words. I went through 9 different setups on my m3 and 3 different setups on my WRX. I am always after that perfect sound. Before I sold my WRX, I threw on a nameless muffler delete paired with the nameless resonated midpipe. I only got to experience that setup for 2-3 months before I sold the car. And of course it was my favorite setup of them all. Naturally, when I got this STI, I knew a muffler delete was what I would go after right away.

I want to keep this car simple and not get so far deep into it where I am sacrificing anything on the car. Throw a simple axleback on the car was the ticket for me as it allowed me to get that sound I needed, yet keep the car in nearly stock form. With that said, I headed straight to nameless performance. Unfortunately, the build time was something I wasn't keen on and I was hoping they wanted to work with me as I was a previous customer and promoted their product in the past. So, that lead me to broaden my search. I scoured the FS threads for a used 3.5", staggard/single walled muffler delete, but nothing came up that really caught my eye. They either had the 3" tips or they were just in bad shape.

I started wondering if there were any other companies out there that offered a quality, USA made exhaust for the STI. I came across a company called Delta Motor Works based out of the back country of Maryland. They have been fabricating and modifying Porches and Subarus since 2005. After taking a good look at their products, I decided to hit them up to see if they were interested in becoming a partner. After an email explaining my story, I got an response from Ben H pretty quickly. Right off the bat, I could tell this was a company I was interested in. They jumped at the chance to work with me and really made me feel like a customer they truly valued. After a few more emails back and forth, I decided on their Single walled Fast Track Axleback.

I decided on the single walled simply due to the fact is that double walled sure does look nice, but it makes the tip look smaller than they actually are. I prefer the simplistic look of the single walled, so I decided to check that as an option. Guys, they shipped the order out on Monday. I got it Tuesday. Granted they are a few states away, that is by far the fastest shipment I've ever gotten of an exhaust. If I went with a nameless, it would have been 4-5 weeks easily.

Got home from work with the unexpected package at my door and ran right into the garage to inspect the quality of this piece. Opening the box, I was greeted with an extremely detailed explanation of each piece and directions on how to install. It may be a small gesture, but it's those little details that count to me. Knowing the pride they take in their work really sets them apart. Decided to dig into the packing peanuts for the main event, I was pleasantly surprised with the carefully packed exhaust. Tips were bubbled and saran wrapped. Every point and bend was wrapped in bubbled wrap. Pretty awesome! It did travel a short way, so there was little chance for anything to get damaged, but I always appreciated proper packing.

After I got all the packing material off the exhaust, I sat down and closely inspected the pieces up and down. Welds, bends, and overall quality absolutely blew me away. The tips, sweet Jesus the tips. Absolutely a beautiful tip as it has the perfect amount of staggar and the perfect finish on it. I am not a big fan of chrome, shinny tips, so the brushed/raw metal look suited me perfectly. This thing was easily on par, if not better, than the nameless products. Extremely happy with the overall product and there was no question that this was a brand I was willing to support and proudly rock on my STI.

Decided to call it a night and install in a day or two so I could set aside time to install it correctly and not be rushed. After 2 days of excitement, I left the office early and got the car up on jack stands to get ready for surgery. Knowing I didn't have to crawl under the middle of the car excited me. Unbolted the stock cans in a matter of 10 minutes and I was ready to mount up the DMW mufflers.

Quality and craftsman ship can easily go a long way, but if the fitment was off, than we are missing the whole point. However, after looking these things up and down for a while, I knew fitment wasn't going to be an issue. Popped the hangers into the bushings and took a step back to see what these tips were going to look like. To my surprise, these tips tucked up SO nicely to the diffuser. Also, on of my favorite parts about these flanges is they use stock gasket! None of those crappy aftermarket crush gaskets everyone uses. These came with 2 brand new OEM gaskets. Lined up the midpipe to the muffle flange and didn't have the muscle anything in. Lined right up and threw the supplied 14mm bolts in. Holy. Crap. The fitment on these things blew me away. I didn't even need to make any adjustments! Tucked up ON OEM HANGERS perfectly and the tips stuck out the perfect amount. Even on left and right side of the tips. I even took took it back off and back on again to see if it would go back into the same spot. Sure enough, spot on fitment again. Another awesome feature these guys include are hanger collars. What these do is they slide onto the hangers and lock down so the bushings don't move. it locks that fitment into place. I thought that was a minor, yet awesome feature that was included.

Next came the driver side. I was weary that my first side went on so easily, surly the driver side would be all out of wack. NOPE! went on exactly the same way as the passenger side. Didn't make one adjustment at all. Spot on fitment right away on both sides. Smiling ear to ear, I bolted down everything for good and got the car off the stands to see what these bad boys looked like. These filled out the rear end perfectly and really tightens up the look of the rear end. The stock mufflers were very droopy and saggy, so something fitting so properly, made it worth it alone.

Ok, cool Chris. it fits great and looks nice. But how does it sound. Well, it rumbles. Oh yes it rumbles. Super deep tone that brings out that boxer unequal length header beautifully. Hopped in the car and took it for a spin. Laughing the entire drive and so pleased to be back in something that not only is fun to drive, but sounds just the way it should. Is it loud? Yes. Is it a 10/10 on loudness... yes. If that is what you are after, you'll be more than pleased. After getting on it to hear the pops and crackles, I decided to take the car on a more "normal" drive to see how it sounded in different driving scenarios. Windows up/down, normal acceleration, highway cruising. It really has a lovely sound in all driving aspects, but really shines at the top of the RPM band.

Does it drone? Simply, yes. It does. However, it's not the head rocking drone that you may experience in a cat-less straight pipped e46 M3 (ask me how I know), but it does have some drone under certain gears/load/rpm. But that is to be expected when you completely remove the mufflers from the rear end of the car. However, driving such loud setups in the past, I knew it can easily be controlled. Highway driving doing 72 MPH in 6th sounds nearly stock. No drone or unwanted noise. Just a smooth hum. It really only drones in the 2,800-3,400 range under load.

The true test was my kid and wife's reaction. It has to pass the family test as in the past I've taken cars "too far" and left my wife (and even myself at times) wanting to leave the car home and take the other car. However, my daughter didn't even bat an eye and kept saying "daddy car, vroom!" She even fell asleep on the drive, so it's safe to say it passed the kid test. Wife's reaction was "it didn't even sound much louder than stock." I am not sure if that is just her either a. being nice b. used to my loud cars or c. truly believes it's not much louder than stock. In any of those answers, I didn't care which was the reason, she was fine with it and that rounded out the family test with an A+.

Anyone looking for a solid exhaust company made in the great US OF A with great customer service, quality parts, and FAST shipping. There is no question you should take a gander at You will be more than pleased with your entire experience as this is easily one of the best and easiest purchases I've made on any car I've owned. They offer other exhaust variations, so be sure to check out the other options. They have a serious single exit exhaust setup that sounds KILLER.

Thanks again to Ben and everyone at DMW. I can't help be rant and rave about their company as its something I stand behind day in and day out. Having a brand on my car that I feel would be an exact replica of how I would run a business makes it that much better.

Here are some pictures of the unboxing and install. I know, I know. No video yet. But I plan to sneak away for a little this weekend to get some proper clips of this thing in action. However, I am 100% sure all of you will be grinning ear to ear when you hear this thing.

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