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Originally posted by WRXedUSA
Say wa?

Coors is the Shizz!! Its fermented for 55 days as apposed to any AB product at 23 days. That makes it exceptionally smooth, easy to drink. High country hops make the flavor. Coors has thier own malted barley Co-op in Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho to ensure quality control. They distribute the barley strains to thier "own" dedicated farms every year since the late eightys.
Wow. You really bought their marketing BS hook, line, and sinker! Longer fermentation doesn't do jack for flavor. It's probably more like they start out with a higher OG rating than most AB products, or their particular strain of yeast gets "stuck" during the process, or any other of many possible scenarios. If you want a really good, cheap, domestic beer - give Michelob Amber Bock a try. And yes, Michelob is an AB product. It's right on par with Killian's Red, which is a Coors product. And just about every large beer manufacturer grows their own barley, hops, and even culture their own yeast. This is nothing new and is nothing special.
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