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May 30, 2017


What's being installed: Morimoto XB LED Fog lights

While I really enjoyed the SubieLED 3S Fog lights, I wanted to see if there were other options out there that would be able to give me a bit more usable light on the road. Also, I wanted something with a whole housing package since I noticed some condensation/fog would build up inside the stock fog housings on rainy days. I tried to re-seal the bulbs with more rubber washers, but I still had the issue. I am not sure if it's because of the subieled bulbs or removing the initial seal of the stock bulbs. Either way, I deemed it unacceptable and wanted to fix the problem.

I came across a few full LED housing fog light options, but ultimately went with the Morimoto XB Fogs from a good friends company, Lightwerkz. I was able to get these in about 2 days after I placed my order (on memorial day weekend). My initial impression of these were stellar. The whole unit feels extremely solid. I love that inside the unit it is black and the front cover is crystal clear. The stock feels very cheap and the clear cover has a bit more of a haze to it, if you will. The Morimoto's are crystal clear and have a glass look to them. Looks very high quality.

To install, all you have to do is pop the plug socket into the little pins and plug them into the stock fog wire harness, just like stock. I reused the stock bolts as I found them to be a bit easier to screw into the bracket. Sure enough, everything lined up perfectly just like stock. The overall look of them (when off) looks way better than stock. It really cleans up the front end.

Time to fire them up! Click!...... only passenger side is working. Great! I find out quickly that the pins need to be in the right connection for them to work correctly. In other words, the pins have to go into the right pin for them to work. Simple wire swap and it came on. Shew!

What I noticed upon driving: There is much more usable light with these. What I mean by that is that there is a definitive cutoff from the fogs to the headlights. You can clearly see where the Morimoto's fill in. Whereas the subieled (or any normal halogen/led bulb for that matter) would just disperse the light and it would bleed up into the headlight. The normal LED bulbs would projector straight out in front of the car and it didn't really push any light out to the sides of the car. What the Morimoto's do is project light out to the sides of the car as well. Which allows your eyes to see the front sides of the car much better in bad weather and night time. The color matches the stock LED headlights very well and looks like it came from the factory this way.

The one thing they I have against them is the price. They are around 160-170. Pretty pricey for some LED fog lights. When in reality, you can get a similar results with a simple $60 LED bulb. However, I am sure the morimoto's longevity will outlast the cheaper LED bulbs out there and my condensation issue is no longer an issue. Would I recommend them to others? I'll recommend them, but it's going to be up to you if you want to spend the cash. Like I said, I was pretty pleased with the simple SubieLED fog bulbs, but the Morimoto's definitely offer a bit better performance when comparing back to back.

All in all, I am happy with my switch. It was a really nice upgrade that improved the look and overall performance of my STI. I am hanging onto the stock fogs and subieled bulbs, so if I ever want to switch it up I have that option. I will try to get some cutoff pictures of the fogs when I get a chance. For now, here are some quick garage shots!

IMG_2110 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2116 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2120 by Freak Photography, on Flickr
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